Open to more love than ever before.

Photo by, Gina Quaranta

Photo by, Gina Quaranta

Unity Healing, is a heartfelt creation made to service any seeker of light to step in to more love than previously thought possible.  Each service and workshop is designed to empower the individual with tools and anchor points to invoke deep continued self healing.

Group Healing Meditation

Every Monday 7-8pm online zoom live or download

Every Wednesday 7-8pm @ Greene Moments Studio, BK

While harnessing the support and power of communing in a like minded group, with the intent to embody more life force energy through creating space in ourselves.  We will release blockages to self love that would hold us back from authentically shining and contributing in the world as a blazing light being. An integrated healing meditation style incorporating transcendental states of consciousness; that uses chakra breathing, sacred geometry, affirmations, and shamanic journey. Intended to release stagnant energy & blockages, while grounding yourself at a higher vibration. Each session is unique to the group and channeled based on the energy present or theme based on the astrology of the day. Offered in the spirit of unity, everyone is welcome.

Value $20

Tarot Readings

Tuesdays 1-5pm @ Aum Shanti, Manhattan

Saturday 1-6pm @ Su'juk, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Tarot readings,  intended to be used as healing tool by bringing light, peace and clarity to any questions most pressing on the heart.  Unity Healing, style of reading uses a combination of empathy, intuition and channeled messages, as we focus on accessing your higher soul for guidance.  Moving beyond the astral and ego, using the heart as a door to bring back wisdom and truth that will uplift and encourage the client.

Rates: 15 mins - $27 / 30 mins - $75 / 1 hour - $150    *Appointments by booking or walk in, first come first serve.