Photo by, Gina Quaranta

Photo by, Gina Quaranta

Energy Practitioner, Rachel Daya Parvati Fennimore




Over 15 years experience reading tarot cards, as taught by my Aunt on the classic rider-waite deck.

Psychic & Intuition training from NYC top psychic Betsy Cohen

Intuition training from master reiki healer, animal communicator and spirit channeler Sue Pike

Reiki master and teacher certification from master healer and Shaman Radhe Sierra 

Crystal Dreaming certification from master healers and Shamans Raym & Chicchan

Interfaith Ordination from Alliance of Divine Love, teacher intuitive Carolyn Harris

Ignite Your Spirit, currently studying at Shanti Mission


After years of depression, addiction and a few suicide attempts I found myself 10 years ago crying out to that mysterious force that for the sake of a name I will call God.  In that moment I knew something had to change or could not go on being in a world that felt so hopeless.

From that moment divine synchronicities speed up, finding me around every corner.  Books falling of the shelves that held answers to many of my deepest ponderings, people giving me free yoga memberships and inviting me to group meditations.  At one such event is where I met my spiritual mentor and teacher, Shakti Durga.  Since then my life has changed in miraculous ways.  Being in a Guru tradition has unlocked many of life's mysterious for me and I have devoted myself to self development on this path, with the intention that I am able to help pull others up in to higher versions of themselves.

MISSION STATEMENT: Honoring all sacred paths that lead toward enlightenment.  I am Daya Parvati, disciple of Shakti Durga.  I acknowledge I am one with the universe and one with God, the earth and all it’s inhabitants.  With this unity I am here to provide healing to others and the planet, by first healing myself.  Through this service and the practice of conscious and mindful thought, action and speech; my mission is to help anchor peace on earth.  Leading by example, I am on the path of enlightenment, which creates peace in my individual heart then reflects and expands in to the hearts of men, world and cosmos.  I am excited to serve as a child of God, through the modalities of being an ordained interfaith minister, reiki master and teacher, ignite your spirit practitioner, sacred jewelry designer, angel tarot reader and my evolving and expanding consciousness; through continued learned knowledge, experience, upholding clear values and living in accordance with in the laws of the universe.  Everything I am, be and do is a reflection of my open heart and yearning to serve the will of God as my own, aligned with that of my highest destiny.  So it is.


Always a humble student first, I am nothing without the love and support of my great teachers..  With much love and respect to all my teachers on this path.  THANK YOU: Shakti Durga & Parvati Sundari of Shanti Mission, Radhe Sierra of  Muktinah Healing Center, Betsy Cohen of Trust Your Intuition, Raym & Chicchan of Crystal Dreaming, Sue Pike The Animal Talker, Shekinah and Ananda Maya of The Make a Difference program, and Carolyn Harris from ADL.