Integrated healing

Reiki / Pranic Healing / Ignite Your Spirit / Shamanic Arts


Integrated healing for chakra balancing, removing blockages that create challenge, trauma and past life healing and auric field cleansing. Combination of pranic healing, ignite your spirit, the shamanic arts and reiki. This is a hands off modality where the client is seated or laying down and guided through a self healing journey using release commands and affirmations. 

Reiki energy, is  unlimited source energy of a high vibration, activated by a master teacher, passed down through ancient lineage.  Through light hands on touch, this healing modality  promotes and aids in relaxation, stress relief, with known healing benefits; everything from easing or curing types of trauma, insomnia and sickness.  For deeper energetic cleansing or illness, consecutive sessions of 3 are recommended.

Four types of Reiki sessions offered:

  • 1 hour : $120

  • 1 hour 15mins : $140

  • Plus (1 hour 30mins) : in addition to everything offered in a standard session, this type includes channeled messages from spirit guides and start with a 15 min tarot reading. $160

  • Package of 3 : $360

  • Sliding Scale : $80-$108 for financial needs.

  • Distance healing option - If not able be seen in person, this divinely intelligent energy travels potently through intention and can be done via skype or scheduled meditative session. Please send booking inquiry for details

*chakra breathing, is a  healing tool found in pranic and ignite your spirit healing, where the actual chakras are cleaned of stale/stuck energy and charged with clean vital source energy.  I gently guide clients to "breath" in and out from chakras needing additional support, through a series of  non-touch releases.

*aura sweeping, is a healing tool found in pranic and ignite your spirit healing, where the aura of client is "swept" of stagnate energy and filled with fresh life force, while laying comfortably on the massage table, this is non-touch.

*cord cutting - frees up your energy from being attached to past/present circumstances or relationships that are draining your energy body.  Intuitively guided and non-touch.



Photo by, Gina Quaranta

Photo by, Gina Quaranta


Tarot readings,  intended to be used as healing tool by bringing light, peace and clarity to any questions most pressing on the heart.  Unity Healing, style of reading uses a combination of empathy and intuition as we focus on accessing your higher soul for guidance.  Moving beyond the astral and ego, using the heart as a door to bring back wisdom and truth that will uplift and encourage the client.

Three types of Tarot sessions offered:

  • 15 min session $27 : ask one question or get general check in

  • 30 min session $75 : good for general intake and specifics

  • 1 hour session $150 : focuses on specific questions

  • Events & House parties : $150 an hour or $2.50 a min + 20%

*decks used: Motherpeace deck &  Shakti Durga, Strength of Soul cards & Jamie Sams, Medicine cards

*types of common spread techniques used but not limited to: relationships, career, life purpose,  motivation, and general inquiry.


Crystal Dreaming


While laying down in a unique mandala of crystals laid around the body, that induces a trance like state of healing,  fully conscious and aware of both the physical and non-physical realms, you are taken on a profound Shamanic Journey.   I act as a guide creating a safe and grounded place where you are able to experience deep emotional, physical and spiritual healing.   During this heightened state, after clearing negative energy and self healing, it is possible to access a state of oneness and total bliss.

Value $140

During a session it's common to:

  • reclaim the skills and knowledge you have acquired over past lifetimes, bringing clarity and purpose to life.

  • align with your souls divine plan

  • release past life and current lifetime trauma

  • release entities and lower vibrational beings attached to your energy body

  • experience physical healing of illness and injury

  • meet your higher self and spirit guides

Crystal Dreaming™,  is an advanced crystal healing technique created and taught by Raym, a Shaman based out of Australia.  It invokes the ancient healing art of laying stones on and around the body as used by Mayans, Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans.  


Space Clearing


Deliberately clearing a space of negative energy is an ancient custom that is found across many traditions.  Combining a shamanic and integrated energy approach the intention is to not only clear the space of lower vibrations but also fill it with love and blessings so that nothing negative may return.  Regular energetic maintenance is recommended and part of this service is to leave you with easy tools to raise the vibration if your space.

Recommended times to have your space cleared:

  • before moving in to a new home

  • before/after performing or holding event at home/venue

  • unwanted paranormal activity

  • if experiencing a negative, unexplained feeling in certain room

  • after any trauma in the home


Space Clearning

Interfaith Ministry

Interfaith Ministry

scheduled counseling and special events


As an ordained Alliance of Divine Love Interfaith Minister, my mission is to serve as a living and breathing "church" on legs, bringing the greatest degree of love to all situations and people I meet.  By honoring all the many faces of God and seeing them as all coming from the same source, allows a non-religious approach to spirituality with the core of my practice being heart based, not name based, ie God, Goddess, the universe, source energy, the divine, Jesus, Shiva, Allah represent different flavors of the same source that emanates from our heart.

Services offered:

  • Spiritual Counseling - we all have what some call "dark nights of the soul" or troubling times of confusion. These sessions are intended to bring light and clarity to questions of soul purpose or during a period of grief. Empowering the seeker to perceive the horizon that is always there. *offered by donation*

  • Ceremony & Rituals - officiant for celebrations of life including but not limited to weddings, baby dedications, and memorial services. *inquiry for rates*


video from my seminary funding campaign.

Childbirth Support

Artist: Emily Pack

Artist: Emily Pack


on call and as scheduled


*coming soon*

Holistic prenatal, post-birth and birthing support.

Support for women choosing abortion or facing fetal loss.